java(tm) platform se binary not responding

Fix- Java(tm) Platform SE Binary

Java platform se binary (java(tm) platform se binary) is a programme that utilizes for Java coding viewed as a twofold, or executable, record that runs off of the Java stage. The SE partition represents Standard Edition, which is regularly introduced on PCs to give the Java stage to electronic applications and games for example, “Minecraft.” 

Developers utilize Java to make programming and the coding language, now a number of java projects are introduced on the client’s PC too. The introduced Java programming gives the stage to the code to be executed. The product must have certain normal parts on the PC to work appropriately. Issues that originate from Java doubles frequently require expelling old renditions of Java. As programming worked to utilize the stage may require highlights found in more current forms.

Causes of Java(tm) platform SE Binary is not Responding

Causes of java(tm) platform se binary is not responding or not working properly may be your java programming version is outdated or any other reason is all the application of java related programming is not working properly.

Why did the Java(tm) platform SE Binary is not Responding

After much research, the reason is to come up with why the Java platform is binary and not working. At the point when we try to run a java-based application, eg: Minecraft, I get a message “Java ™ Platform SE binary has not worked.

java(tm) platform se binary

An issue made the program stop working correctly”.This rub is accompanied by the application getting lethargic.

Fix: java platform se binary stop working solutions

Java platform se binary error it’s been a very big huge error for Minecraft players for a long time now and this can be easily faced this works with both the correct launcher and the official launcher you can use this in any launcher and any game version. Many of the people are suffering from this type of problem when people are just trying to play a good game of Minecraft and then get a message that java se binary stops working. But don’t worry guys today I’m gonna show you how to fix Java tm Platform SE binary is not responding.

Solutions 1: Renew GPU card drivers

So, guys, this is the first solution to fix java platform se binary not working problem, I’ll show you how to update Your Nvidia graphic Taiwan.

  • So first you need to know which tough graphic card you are using so for this just press windows are from your
  • keyboard press the windows R  button and here type did ID and then first enter okay.
  • Now click on a display cap and here it will show you all the details about your graphic.
  • After this open any browser in your PC poke on the
  • Google in the Cougar just type and with a graphic and open the first thing with the official link of Nvidia ok.

java platform se binary

  • Now in the manual driver search select your model number to select the GeForce if you have the title on you can select then click okay.

java tm platform se binary

  • After you select your operating system and architecture and then search it and it will show you all the available trees for your graphic card.
  • After that, you choose the first one because the first one must be the latest motion. so you go to the first portion and just click on download.
  • Now save the file  it will take some time to save it depend upon your internet speed so we’ll back after the while complete  so download is complete.
  • Then we will get the desire of decertified just double click on the set of files ok.
  • Then click Next or okay after that here select the express visa recommendation you can select the Express reference is simply click on next.
  • Finally, your graphic card driver will update so be patient here, relax and take some time to update your graphics.
  • Lastly, simply click on close and then restart your PC.

Solution 2: All Java SE Related applications reinstall

In the event that the primary technique wasn’t powerful in settling the issue, we should check. Whether we’ll have better karma by reinstalling the entire Java condition. A few clients have detailed that the issue was naturally settled one they uninstalled their present Java condition. And afterwards introduced the most recent Java adaptation from the authority download page.

  • Here’s a snappy guide through the entire thing: 
  • After that, you click on key R+ for open up a Run box. At that point, type “appwiz.cpl” and hit Enter to open the Programs and Features window. 

java(tm) platform se binary is not responding

  • Look down through the application list and uninstall each Java section that you can discover by right-tapping on every passage and picking Uninstall. 

java(tm) platform se binary

  • When each passage has been uninstalled, reboot your PC. 
  • At the following startup, check the connection. click on the Free Java Download catch to re-introduce the Java Environment. You’ll be incited to restart again toward the finish of this procedure. 
  • When your PC boots back once more, check whether you can open Java-based applications without the “Java(TM) Platform SE parallel has quit working” mistake. In case you’re despite everything seeing a similar blunder message, descend to the last technique.

Solution 3:  After a Clean Boot running the appliance

Several users have managed their Java-based programs to start out while performing a Clean boot. 

It is effected the way of solving this problem.

If you discover that the “java(tm) platform se binary is not responding” error doesn’t occur after you are doing a Clean boot.  it’s clear that a number of the startup programs and services that were excluded by the Clean boot procedure are too responsible for it. Once you confirm this, you systematically uninstall each suspected software until you eliminate the conflict.

To make things clearer, here’s a quick guide to solving this problem.

    • Now you click on the Windows key + R to open up a Run box. Next, type “MSConfig” and hit Enter to open the System Configuration menu.
  • java(tm) platform se binary
    •   Inside the System Configuration window, navigate to the Services tab and click on the Disable all button. Then, hit Apply to save all of the changes.
    • Next, move to the Startup tab and snap on the Open Task Manager. 
    • In the Startup tab of Task Manager. Then select every startup thing that has the Status set to Enabled and tap the Disable catch underneath. When each superfluous startup process has been crippled, close Task Manager and restarts your PC. 
    • At the subsequent startup, check whether the applications open without the “Java(TM) Platform SE parallel has quit working” blunder. With the event that everything is functionally regular now, proceed with the subsequent stages beneath.
    • Methodically re-empower every startup thing and administration by deciding out the means above until the difficulty reemerges. Once you distinguish your culprit, uninstall the appliance and restart the machine another time. Use stages 1 to three to return back to the Services and Startup tabs and re-empower the rest of the administrations that were recently crippled.


I Hope guys this article is helpful for fixing the java(tm) platform se binary is not responding problem. If you have any questions regarding this article then please comment and stay connected with BloggerGram.

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