Vulkan Runtime Libraries: What is it? How can I remove it?

Vulkan is most basic, and free and open-source, cross-platform, high-performance graphics API (application programming interface). It gives fine control to developers, empowering them to access the raw power of consumer-and professional-grade graphics cards alike. Vulkan powers many of the most impressive-looking titles and is the magic bullet behind Valve’s Proton initiative. which allows games made for Windows to be playable on Linux with almost no performance impact. While Vulkan-native games are the best option for use with Proton. Valve’s Steam Play will translate games built with DirectX 10 and 11 into Vulkan. It’s giving PC gamers a path forward into the open-source world and away from the proprietary operating system.

Vulkan is truly an impressive technology that shows just how important and influential open-source software is and it gives us an optimistic glimpse of the future. But what are your thoughts on Vulkan?

Vulkan Runtime Libraries should I remove it?

Vulkan runtime libraries is normally equipped by the graphics card producers, for example, Intel, NVIDIA, and AMD. Many confused people think that it is a virus or malware and because of safety purposes, they remove it. So don’t removes it from your System.

Vulkan RunTime libraries

A Runtime is a time span during which a program executes on the PC. The library is fundamentally a PC program, the library worked to execute the usefulness.

How to download Vulkan

I will be teaching you how to use the Vulkan API to render graphics throughout. It will showing how to download the Vulkan API. And how to set it up after which we will be setting up a visual studio project for Vulkan.

Download Vulkan

  • Once downloaded you need to make sure you run the installer. Press agrees and then you need to make sure you set the destination path to a unique folder like Vulkan SDK.
  • So that when the next build comes out it will override the last one. And all you have to update any include directories in your visual studio all you have to do now is press install.
  • Now that you have installed Vulkan after that you can go ahead and create your visual study programme.
  • You will just close google chrome and open up the visual studio here. Therefore we will go to file – new file and project here you will create an empty C++ project and name it Vulkan.

How to fix Vulkan error missing file

I am showing you how to fix the error of Vulkan, one dot all missing.


  • Then you downloaded the shutter file and after installing the setter the error will be fixed.
  • Lastly, we can news our application now it’s working.

Why should gamers care about Vulkan?

  • Vulcan is really derived from and built upon components from mantle Vulcan is simply a touch bit more specific than DirectX 12.
  • Vulcan is more of a direct competitor to direct3d 12 which is the component of DirectX 12 that’s specifically used by graphics cards for gaming or you know other 3d things there are other 3d things that aren’t gaming but this is game ranks.
  • so, Vulcan as its primary means of conveying graphics as of 2015 that is the Android low-level API what this means is that developing a game. 
  •  Vulcan does have applications elsewhere but back to gaming the Vulkan API particularly excites tons of the people.
  •  They are interested in the steam OS which is a variant of Linux The intention of steam OS is to create an operating system that enables the steam machine movement to create something that would possibly compute tons better than a gaming console.
  • If a game is meant exclusively for DirectX 12 well it takes time and money to port it over to other platforms if a game is developed for Vulcan.
  • Somebody who cares about games doesn’t mean they don’t see corporate interest in Vulcan. There is an agenda behind Vulcan. You have one of the major graphics card makers involved with it and you have a valve involved with it.
  • I would say that people are supporters of Vulcan over DirectX 12 but that’s on principle whatever gets me playing more games.
  • I would much prefer the platform that allows people to develop on as many platforms as they can to be the one that reigns supreme but again I’m Pro gaming, not pro branding.
  • What do you think which one makes you more excited about the future of video games? 
  • I know there is one of them you have been thinking about it because nobody will shut up about it in the PC gaming community.


Those who don’t play games on the PC can remove Vulkan RunTime Libraries. Additionally only one out of every odd game uses VulkanRT. Without Vulkan Runtime Libraries your gaming experience will be liquid when you play a 3D game on the PC. 

You can discover it by going into Apps and Features Option of your PC. Next type Vulkan in the Search Box. On the off chance that you don’t discover it there, at that point you need to introduce Vulkan Runtime Libraries. Many times the Microsoft Windows Defender or Your PC Antivirus may hail Vulkan Runtime Libraries as a Virus or Threat, however, it isn’t. So don’t erase it.

I hope now you will be understood about the Vulkan RunTime Libraries. If you want to know more informative article then stay connected with Bloggergram.


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